E-cars or combustion engines? BMW boss reveals surprising future plans

E-cars are a trend and many believe there is no alternative. The BMW CFO has his own views on this and is setting an unusual course. Not even the Apple Car can keep him from sleeping.

Apple Car does not bring BMW CFO to sleep

The rumors surrounding Apple’s car project are still a topic of conversation in the automotive industry. BMW’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Nicolas Peter has now commented on the Californians’ plans, even if they have not been officially confirmed. Peter sees Bayern well positionedto cope with another big player in the market.

“I sleep very peacefully,” said the CFO of Apple. “Competition is a great thing – that helps to motivate each other. We are in a very strong position and we want to continue to occupy a leading position in the automotive industry. ”But you want to don’t go the beaten paththat many other manufacturers are currently doing, including Ford and Volvo.

BMW is two-pronged: in the future there will be electric cars and combustion engines

Because BMW does not want to move away from the combustion engine. The premium manufacturer will offer fully electric models, but not exclusively. At least that’s the plan, Peter is supposed to report from Bloomberg according to have declared.

BMW does not want to bow to the pressure to change the drive. Instead, it is a matter of “being able to respond to customer requirements”, Peter is quoted further. These He sees requirements for alternative transport offers. So they will continue to rely on digital solutions, also apart from classic car sales. It is also about him Car sharing offers.

In the video: Have you got this misconception too?

In the interests of Bavaria Hopefully this plan will work out: That digital innovation is enough if you don’t want to take the big step towards emission-free drives. And that this relaxed posture does not tempt you to sleep until the chance is missed.

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