E-car for less than 25,000 euros is “spacious like a Golf and inexpensive like a Polo”

The close-to-production study of the “ID 2 All” is to be the Group’s cheapest electric car to date. From a purely visual point of view, it differs greatly from the first study of an affordable electric car that was shown at the IAA in Munich in 2021. The quite futuristic concept called “ID Life” allegedly failed in the executive floor; the new model is based more on the familiar VW handwriting, but introduces new accents.

VW ID 2 All: “Spacious like a Golf, inexpensive like a Polo”

According to Volkswagen, the ID 2 All, due out in 2025, will be based on a new electric platform dubbed “MEB Entry.” The compact electric car is said to have front-wheel drive and a range of around 450 kilometers according to WLTP.

According to Volkswagen, the drive of the ID 2 All has 166 kilowatts or 226 hp. The vehicle battery is to be charged with an as yet undisclosed capacity from 10 to 80 percent within 20 minutes, which is quite a good value. Like the other ID models, the vehicle is locked at 160 kilometers per hour and should accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than seven seconds.

Exterior of the VW ID 2 All

With the ID 2 All, Volkswagen wants to introduce a new design language that is “based on the three cornerstones of stability, likeability and enthusiasm,” says Andreas Mindt, Head of Design at the Volkswagen brand.

Close-to-production study: The VW ID 2 All should come onto the market in 2025 and cost from less than 25,000 euros. (Picture: VW)

According to Volkswagen, one element of the new design language is the C-pillar design developed for the first Golf. The ID 2 All is the first Volkswagen with a reinterpretation of this signature, according to the company. Other design features of the study also include “a clear and powerful body standing on its wheels”, “a friendly face”, and “a clear dash of dynamism and timeless elegance”.

Close-to-production study: The rear of the VW ID 2 All. (Picture: VW)

Close-to-production study: The VW ID 2 All from the side. (Picture: VW)

The first images of the study show that Volkswagen is still pursuing a more cautious path in terms of design than with the ID Life, which had a more distinctive design language. For a broad mass that VW wants to address with the ID 2 All, the optics of the compact electric vehicle now shown should be more pleasing.

The interior of the ID 2 All

The interior of the VW ID 2 All. (Image: VW AG)

When it comes to the interior, VW relies “on a clear design” and speaks of a “high quality impression”. There is “a self-explanatory infotainment system including classic volume control and a separate climate control panel”.

Regarding the quality of the interior, VW learned from the ID 3 (test) that hard plastic is not an option. Accordingly, the group has addressed this point of criticism, among other things, with a recently announced refresh of the ID 3.

VW is also making changes to the tiny 5.3-inch cockpit display, which is on board all ID models. With the ID 2 All, it will grow to 10.9 inches, and it has fewer frames all around. At 12.9 inches, the infotainment display is also slightly larger than before.

The interior of the VW ID 2 All gets larger displays, among other things. (Image: VW AG)

With regard to the control, the carmaker is planning some changes: The main climate functions are to be controlled via illuminated buttons. In the middle of the air conditioning control panel there is a small rotating cylinder for the volume control of the infotainment system – easily accessible for driver and front passenger alike.

There are two inductive charging interfaces for smartphones in the center console, which are locked in place magnetically. Additional vehicle functions can also be controlled using a rotary pushbutton in the center console. The look of the digital instruments should also be able to be changed, according to VW.

The capacitive buttons in the steering wheel of the previous ID models will also be deleted: the new multifunction steering wheel has two rotating rollers on the left and right and two buttons each.

The interior of the VW ID 2 All. (Image: VW AG)

According to Volkswagen, the storage space with 490 to 1,330 liters is quite generous for a compact car. According to the company, it even surpasses vehicles from higher classes.

As far as the equipment is concerned, Volkswagen mentions that various features from the upper classes such as Travel Assist for partially automated driving and IQ Light (intuitively usable light signals for the driver) are also offered for the ID 2 All. Furthermore, Park Assist Plus with memory function (trained parking) and electric seats with massage function should be part of the optional equipment.

VW ID 2 All: One of 10 electric car models by 2026

According to VW, the production model of the ID 2 All is one of ten new electric models that VW intends to bring to market by 2026. The new ID 3, the ID Buzz with a long wheelbase and the ID 7 sedan will be launched this year. Other purely electric vehicles from the VW Group planned for 2023 include the Cupra Tavascan and Audi Q8 E-Tron.

The ID 2 All should not have reached the lower end yet. In addition to the sub-25,000 euro model, VW is also planning a cheaper electric car that will cost less than 20,000 euros and is planned for 2026. An electric compact SUV will also be launched that year.

VW wants to invest massively in electrification and digitization

Volkswagen still has a lot planned for the next few years to increase the proportion of electric cars. The group therefore intends to make investments totaling 180 billion euros by 2027. Of this chunk of money, a good 122 billion euros are to flow into electrification and digitization.

As far as sales of e-cars are concerned, the Wolfsburg car giant is aiming for every fifth vehicle sold by the VW Group worldwide to have a purely electric drive by 2025 – i.e. 20 percent. In 2030, around 80 percent of the Volkswagens delivered in Europe will probably already be fully electric, the company predicted when the latest financial numbers.

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