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Dynamic Island on Android? Thanks, but no thanks.

The Dynamic Island has been so talked about following the presentation of the iPhone 14, that we almost forget the delirious price of the new Apple devices. It should be remembered that the American firm has persisted for several years in leaving a notch at the top of the screen of its devices. The latter houses the facial recognition module, the front photo module and the light sensor. However, with the iPhone 14, Apple has changed its tune. On the other hand, she found a solution to distinguish: the Dynamic Island. A kind of black notification area that changes size and has the task of hiding the components that were in the notch.

Dynamic Island
The Dynamic Island, that’s it. Yes that’s all.

The ecstatic sores

It’s jubilation among the fanboys! Clearly a “life changer” for this strange breed of people capable of dropping almost 2 SMIC in a phone (the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max costs €1979). Well, that’s a little off the mark, because as we can see in the tweet below, this gadget doesn’t save 1 mm² of display surface and more… And it’s even the opposite.

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Players, some independent developers immediately copied the concept to adapt it on their Samsung or Xiaomi devices. It’s funny because with an open system like Android, you can do anything, imagine anything and copy anything. But past the fun, do we really want a Dynamic Island on our “poor” devices? Because Realme and Xiaomi are already probing their client on the relevance of adding a Dynamic Island to their overlay.

In our opinion, this will cause many problems while being unnecessary.

Neither done nor to be done…

First, if the designs of Apple devices are similar, it is not the same with Android. How could MIUI come up with a Dynamic Island that can fit all 512 different Xiaomi models? Also imagine the mess among application developers. While only two or three models currently support Dynamic Island at Apple, it’s a safe bet that this feature is here to stay, so it’s wise for iOS developers to invest their time in supporting this. gadget while it is almost nil among Android devs. The Android system already has a very good notification panel panel with the possibility of displaying mini widgets for playing music or video with VLC, Spotify or its browser. Why add anything else?

Your sausage fingers on a photo sensor

We must also take into account the cosmetic side of this “dynamic island”: in the light of day, it does not mask so well what it is supposed to make people forget. Another concern that no one talks about: do you think it’s smart to put a touch notification area on a photo sensor? Fingerprints do not exist among the elite… Finally, let’s not forget that this Dynamic Island feature exists because the firm at the apple cannot do otherwise: by choosing facial recognition to the detriment of unlocking by fingerprint digital, Apple lugs around its notch like a cannonball.

Dynamic Island
Would you trade in your notification panel barrel for a dynamic island?

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