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Pretty sharp start to the new week, as you like. We have a number of updates and introductions of completely new titles that might interest you. Truck drivers, lovers of horror, science fiction and strategy will get their money’s worth. The situation is also evolving around the game Dying Light 2 and the cause of the sale of cards to FUT.

List of topics

00:31 – We announced Dying Light 2 too soon, says Techland. The game is not in “developer hell”, but the authors still want to talk about its state

05:08 – Call Grandma, American Truck Simulator goes to Dallas. Developers from SCS Software represent another American destination. A cowboy Texas is waiting for us

09:11 – Microsoft is reportedly negotiating other exclusive titles. It is said that several third of the studies were addressed. Outriders can come out on the Game Pass

15:14 – Controversial Devotion returns to sales after two years. Taiwanese horror eventually began to be sold by the developers themselves. GOG backed out of the store last year

19:23 – Summary from the presentation of Paradox Insider 2021. New developers of Surviving Mars, Empire of Sin on Game Pass and Vikings in Crusader Kings III

25:22 – Dread Templar is like a mix of Daikatana and Undying. The spooky retro FPS tempts with classic gameplay, but with modern elements such as bullet time

29:39 – We are also upset, EA comments on the FUT case. The investigation into the unauthorized sale of cards with footballers continues. There will be a penalty and bans of players

33:44 – The trailer for the new DLC for Doom Eternal has escaped. The expansion of The Ancient Gods – Part Two could be released this week, according to insiders

37:11 – Chasing Static is a horror movie from the era of the first PlayStation. In a non-linear game with modern elements, you orient yourself with your hearing. You will find a demo on Steam

42:22 – Become the last person on Earth. In the sci-fi First world, mutated monsters inhabit. Only you and your dog are left and you are completely alone

45:57 – Ghost of Tsushima boasts great finish numbers. According to statistics, they are among the most successful open world titles that fans actually complete

49:09 – In Blind Drive, you drive a blind car. Imagine that someone blindfolds you and puts you behind the wheel. This is what the race for life looks like

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