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Dutch police warn of ‘FluBot’ malware via voicemail SMS

The Dutch police are sounding the alarm because of malware that is circulating. You get a text message about a voicemail, but it’s actually malware that allows malicious parties to gain access to phone and banking information.

FluBot malware on Android

We previously wrote about rogue text messages where a message was sent about a postal package received from DHL or UPS. This link sent you to a real-looking website, which linked to a counterfeit app from DHL or UPS. This application can then access all the files on your smartphone, as well as perform various actions.

Now there is another dangerous SMS that spreads malware. This malware, called FluBot or Cabassous, ensures that malicious parties have full access to your smartphone. Ultimately, the goal is to access the banking app and extort money in this way. This time too it concerns an SMS, stating that a new voicemail message is ready for you. The message also contains a link to the so-called voicemail message. If the link is clicked, you will be asked to download a (fake) app in order to listen to the voicemail message.

When you use the app from your bank app on your smartphone, the malware will do its thing. In this way, the app has access to the application and can perform actions itself. In addition, the counterfeit app will ensure that others from your contacts are approached to also download the app. If you have already downloaded the malware, it is advisable to reset your phone to factory settings. You will lose everything, but that might be better than losing a lot of money. If you are the victim of malware, report it to the police.

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