DualSens -apkrig covers also started to be sold alongside the PS5

Vortex has repeatedly informed you about the more or less successful ways to customize the look of your PlayStation 5. Whether it was PlateStation 5 (CustomizeMyPlate), Dbrand products, or the recent fiasco with stylized consoles from Sup3r5, the modifications almost always concerned only the sides of the console. But as we have known since the launch of the PS5, the DualSense driver also offers an easy way to remove the black part from the front and replace it with another color variant. Officially, no replacement panels or covers are offered, but unofficially they are offered by the Decor Evolve portal and do not ask for too high a price. Covers in ten color combinations can be purchased for ten dollars.

Unlike all previous and rather unsuccessful attempts to customize the look of the PS5 and DualSense drivers, Decore Evolve operators are betting on inconspicuousness and not talking about the products on offer. However, the players’ attention did not escape, and there seems to be nothing to stop anyone from exchanging the black plastic part for another color. The ten mentioned variants include, for example, gold, silver, light blue, steel gray, orange or red, and if you would like more pieces, Decore Evolve will offer you a discount. When buying two covers, it is 10 percent of the final amount and in case of interest in four pieces, double. As mentioned above, one cover costs $ 10, but when ordering from the Czech Republic, you must also include payment to a third-party service that will take care of the forwarding. Decor Evolve ships its products only to the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the covers, there is also a charger for two DualSense controllers, a table holder and a transparent rubber cover, also with prices that do not ruin potential applicants. However, it is a question of where the whole idea came from, given the completely unrelated goods that Decor Evolve continues to offer. It seems that the main subject of business is home accessories and decorations, such as various vases, statuettes, flower pots, bowls and more, so it is difficult to judge how the operator got to the accessories for the game console. Either way, Decor Evolve doesn’t seem to be bothered by Sony at the moment, and perhaps the first viable model for selling unofficial parts of the PS5 and its accessories, not counting the flood of plastic covers from AliExpress.

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