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Drone maker DJI blacklisted, will Huawei go after?

Drone King DJI is now on the blacklist of the United States, with which they are sent the same path as Huawei. But what has DJI done?

DJI is currently the king of consumer drones, but that seems to be changing. After Huawei, the US government has also blacklisted the Chinese DJI. Trade with the drone maker is now prohibited for American companies. Is DJI going after Huawei?

DJI blacklisted

Drone platform DroneDJ reports that the US government has released a new list (read blacklist) that includes drone king DJI on it. The so-called Bureau of Industry and Security prohibits trade with the listed companies.

The reason for the ban is actually quite surprising. Huawei was banned for alleged conspiracy with the Chinese government. No evidence of this has ever been found, only for other minor offenses. You would expect DJI to get those same accusations.

But according to the medium, the US government claims that DJI is committing human rights violations, which would afford its introduction to the blacklist.

No further details are known about this. On the other hand, you could speculate that the Chinese government, for example, used DJI drones during the protests in Hong Kong and in the suppression of ethnic minorities. But knowing China, it is not so much DJI that supplies the drones, but more the Chinese government that demands or even simply purchases drones from the manufacturer.

Either way, the United States is continuing the trade war on everything related to China. It is not to be hoped that DJI will go under because of the ban. On the other hand, Huawei is also doing very well despite all sanctions.

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