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Draw your circuit boards!

Droid PCB offers a simple way to design your printed circuit boards (PCB or Printed Circuit Board in the language of Starsky and Hutch) directly on your mobile phone.




Whether you want to do a DIY project, an extension for an Arduino board, a Raspberry Pi, a drone or a 3D printer, you can create your plans directly on your mobile, import them, export or edit them as you wish without having a computer on hand. Save time by working on your projects during your commute, wherever you are! To start the adventure, simply sign up or sign in with a Google Account. In one click, you are in the interface. A small wizard will explain what the different icons and some features are. The only shadow to this idyllic picture: the app is only available in English. But, if you know the world of electronics, you will have no trouble finding you there.

Download free packs for the different components and arrange them on the virtual plate. You can also create your own and use them later. You can draw the coppery tracks by hand, place the elements above or below the circuit. It will be enough to send the files corresponding to your creations to a manufacturer of printed circuits to receive at home your prototype. It’s a long time since you had to draw all that by hand, send it by post and wait for days to get your DIY PCB! This free app is an ideal choice for electronics enthusiasts and an excellent educational design tool, but if you prefer a more complete and professional solution, you will have to turn to complete software like Altium Designer CAD – for the best PCB design on a computer. The app as for it allows a good entry in the matter.

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