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Download video on iPhone (this works for almost any app or service)

It is sometimes quite difficult (or even impossible) to download a video on your iPhone. But with this trick it works (with almost every app).

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Download video on iPhone – that’s how easy it is

When you want to download a video on YouTube, TikTok or Twitter, it is often not that easy. You can then try to download the video with a special app or a website, but that often does not always work and it is also quite cumbersome.

However, there is a special command for your iPhone that makes downloading videos a lot easier. You just need to add the command to your iPhone. You can then download the video from almost every app where you are allowed to share a link of a video.

Download video on iPhone

  1. Surf to routine hub on your iPhone and click on ‘Get Shortcut’;
  2. Tap on ‘Configure assignment > Add assignment’;
  3. Open the app with the video you want to save (e.g. YouTube);
  4. Open the video you want to download in the app and tap “Share”;
  5. Under ‘Share’, tap ‘More’;
  6. Scroll down and choose ‘R⤓Download’;
  7. If necessary, tap Allow or Always Allow and select the download resolution.

When downloading, give the command access to your photos and the video will eventually appear in your photo library. The first time you use the shortcut, you’ll still need to tap “Always Allow” periodically. Do you use the command more often? Then next time you have to tap a lot less often.

Sometimes you have to be patient for the video you want to download to appear on your iPhone. Therefore, always tap the ‘R⤓Download’ button once and then wait a while. The video usually appears in your photo library within a minute.

Incidentally, the steps described above may be slightly different per app. Most of the time, you have to choose the “Share” option and then get the options where you want to share the video. As long as you can choose ‘R⤓Download’ here, the video will be saved on your iPhone.

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