download them for your own smartphone

Another two weeks of patience and then we expect the announcement of the new OnePlus 9 series. The smartphone manufacturer also comes with new wallpapers, which you can download now.

OnePlus 9 wallpapers

A new smartphone also comes with a new set of backgrounds. That is also the case with the OnePlus 9 series, according to leaked files. The wallpapers of the new models appeared early online. The images were found in an official APK from OnePlus itself, the so-called wallpaper resources.

Besides different static backgrounds, there are also different animated live wallpapers. You can recognize the backgrounds for the OnePlus 9 by the abstract shapes and the colors orange, green, purple and blue. You can now download the wallpapers for your own smartphone in high resolution, via Google Drive.

We will hear all the details on March 23rd. Then the announcement of the OnePlus 9 series is planned.

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