Download new wallpapers designed for the upcoming Google Pixel 5a

While Google began officially launching interesting news about the upcoming flagship Pixel 6 mobile phone a few days ago, snippets of information about a light version of the current five are gradually escaping in an unofficial way. Model Pixel 5a It should in several ways stick to established traditions, including the fact that the phone gets your own wallpaper. Thanks to the XDA Developers editorial staff, which managed to extract the source images, they are free to download.

Unique are actually just two specific pictures that were created specifically for this phone. The other 24 are apparently the same as for the older models 4a, 4a, 5G and 5. The multi-colored wallpaper traditionally bears the name of the phone itself, ie 5a. The second image contains abstract green areas with black lines. If you want these wallpapers in maximum resolution (2400 x 1080 pixels), download them from the XDA gallery.

Recall that recently a whole package of wallpapers was also published for the upcoming flagship model Pixel 6. Some time ago we also created 5 tips on where to generally look for wallpapers. Pixel 5a should offer as expected 6.4 ″ OLED display with a frequency of 90 Hz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, 6GB RAM, two cameras, 4,650mAh battery and IP67 protection.

How colorful is your mobile wallpaper now?

Zdroj: XDA

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