Download: Free CCleaner Alternative for Windows

After the cleaning tool CCleaner has damaged its reputation with various questionable actions, more and more users are looking for a usable CCleaner alternative. It actually exists and it’s not only fast but also free.

The alternative to the CCleaner is called “BleachBit“. The open source program is available for Windows and Linux in a portable or installation version. If you are looking for a cleaning program whose code is openly available, which does not offer any surprises and does not set up other software during installation, you should take a look at the tool.

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So you start the disk cleanup in Windows

What can BleachBit do?

  • BleachBit analyzes the installed programs and then gives you the option of different tick any unnecessary file types to clean them up.
  • It is possible to delete files in such a way that the Data overwritten so that they cannot be restored.
  • ini files“From old CCleaner installations can be imported to expand the application list of the data to be cleaned. The tool can automatically download and import such a file if this is specified in the settings.
  • BleachBit can Shred individual selected files or entire folder structures and delete them irretrievably.
  • The program Overwrites the free storage space if desired on data carriers.
  • The function “Produce chaff”Creates a series of fake data in order to hide selected data“ like a needle in a haystack ”. This should make it difficult for data thieves to find important data.
  • If you want to prevent the deletion of certain data in any case, you can save files and folders in a Exception list
  • A Preview function indicates which files BleachBit would delete.
  • BleachBit can be used at the Command line be called. In this way, you can carry out automatic cleaning or, for example, combine certain cleaning steps in a batch file and start them manually.

The program is careful and minimizes dangers by issuing warnings for critical cleaning options. In each section, to the right of the selection, it is explained what type of files it is.

The tool is free, but is constantly being developed and updated. For the CCleaner you would have to pay around 20.00 € per year pay, which is not justified by noteworthy functions. On the contrary: BleachBit does without a “registry cleaner”, the benefit of which is at best doubtful and often enough leads to system damage.

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