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Download Bravo issues as PDF for free

Fancy a little time travel? Or do you need some reading material for the cold and dark winter days? Then you should take a look at the Bravo archive. There you can download and read numerous issues from the history of Bravo Magazine for free.

The Bravo magazine is a cult and has provided many generations with news from the music and entertainment sector and provided education over the past decades. In the Bravo archive you can go back to the days of your youth or see how the world of entertainment has changed over the past few decades.

Bravo Magazine PDF: Download First Issues from 1956 to 1994 for Free

The “Bravo Time Travel” provides you with issues of the youth and music magazine from 1956 up to issues from 1994. The first issue of each year is available free of charge. So there are 39 Bravo booklets for free. This is the way to the archive. If you can’t get enough, you can also order the complete annual edition for download in PDF format or on DVD. The full collections cost EUR 29.95 per year. All you need to read is a PDF reader, which you can download free of charge for your PC, smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the various articles on the stars from the film and music sectors, the historical editions also offer the well-known content on educational topics, including questions to “Dr. Summer”. In addition to the magazines, the Bravo archive also contains another star cut the 80s legend “ET” with 10 pictures in JPG format.

Read Bravo booklets in PDF format

The issues have been available for download since the beginning of 2020. At that time, the Bravo booklets were provided free of charge to pass the time during the first major corona lockdown to expeln. Now the reference to the older editions has been removed by a user in the Mydealz community. Within a few days, the warmed-up post garnered thousands of “hot” reviews, making it one of the most popular deals of the week in the community right now.

The magazine will also be published in 2022. However, as is generally the case in the print world, the heyday of Bravo magazine in printed form is now over. 1991 was the edition with 1.58 copies at a record level, meanwhile only about 50,000 copies are sold.

Course of the Bravo edition in the last years. (Image source: IVW / Statista)

The previously weekly publication rhythm is also no longer offered. Instead, Bravo Magazine is currently out once a month. If you want to read current Bravo magazines digitally, you should take a look at the Readly service. This is a magazine flat rate that offers you many other magazines and daily newspapers in one app in addition to Bravo.

At Bravo you can read all issues up to 2014 in addition to the latest issue. With the test access, you can get an overview of what Readly has to offer.

Try Readly for 99 cents for the first month

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