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Download and install Aptoide for Android

Aptoide is an alternative application store that allows you to download devious and free versions of applications but also applications that do not exist on the Play Store. android.

To install Aptoide on your Android phone, you must first be connected to the network on your phone or connected to wifi. Make sure you have made the latest updates to your phone and app to make it easier.

Next, launch your web browser application: Google Chrome, Firefox, Ecosia or whatever. Go to where you will find the apk file, Aptoide installation file.

Once on the site, click on “Install Aptoide”. An apk file will then be downloaded to your phone. A window will appear with the text “This file may damage your device. Do you really want to keep the file? “. Click on “Ok” and the download will start. Once the download is finished, scroll down the notification curtain on your phone and click on the name of the apk file. Your phone will then offer you to install the Aptoide application. Click “Install”

If this is the first time you install an application from the internet, your phone will ask you for permission to install an application from an unknown source. To accept, go to the settings of your phone and in the “Security” tab. Then click on “Allow Unknown Sources”. You will then be able to install without any problem the future applications that you will have to download from the internet.

Once the Aptoide application is installed, you will find its icon in the list of your applications. You can then place the application on one of your windows and open it.

In Aptoide, you will find everything you can find in the android’s Play Store: games, applications for photo editing, useful and unnecessary applications and many others. The peculiarity is that Aptoide allows to install cracked versions of application. You can have Spotify premium free and other small surprises.

You can also install the same apps as on the Play Store . Aptoide includes reviews from other users as well as apps from independent developers who are not on the Play Store. This allows to discover other applications.

On Aptoide, you can explore the applications that are sorted into several categories. First of all, there are the applications featured by Aptoide because they deserve to be downloaded. There are also trendy apps whose downloads are growing fast. We find the ranking of the best local applications and also the best games for the most players of you. There are dozens of categories of applications to find your happiness.

To search directly for the name of an application, click on the magnifying glass and type its name in the search bar. You will have the most relevant results.

It is also possible to explore the shops of the various merchants of Aptoide. These merchants offer free applications and it is possible to track their activity and be notified when new applications come out. Applications presented by particular merchants are subject to criticism by other users. It is thus possible to know which application is worth it and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, in the tab Apps, you have the list of your installed applications as well as the applications to update regularly . Do not forget to check for updates in order to have more and more efficient applications.

Aptoide is so very practical and intuitive and allows you to live new experiences with your Android phone. Do not hesitate to test the applications offered by the shop and if you encounter problems, you can contact Aptoide customer service .

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