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Doom as an open world, the PS5 uses two different fans and the Forza Horizon 5 next year? »Vortex

It may not be the most comprehensive Monday news summary in history, but we still tried to reach the full maximum for you from the last holidays. Although in theory it would undoubtedly be interesting to cancel Monday’s news completely and pretend that the week does not begin until Wednesday. But you would probably notice it anyway.

List of topics

00:43 – PlayStation 5 apparently has two versions of the main fans. This is claimed by a French technical magazine. The fan from the official PS5 disassembly is slightly noisier

07:10 – New mod changed Dooma I and II into open world games. Experience the cult classic and its legendary levels in the open world

12:03 – Creative Assembly developers are still working on the new FPS. The authors of Total War boasted to the director Blomkamp. The title is important to Sega

17:00 – Play a Blade Runner modification for Serious Sam. Free total conversion is the prequel to the anime Blade Runner: Black Out 2022

21:58 – Bungie is working on several new projects. The idea incubator was launched in 2017. It affects not only future games, but also the composition of the team

27:08 – Play the Twin Mirror prologue in your browser. The new adventure from the authors Life is Strange is accompanied by a mysterious mobile detective story

31:03 – Forza Horizon 5 may arrive next year. Journalist Jeff Grubb came up with the information. It would have happened before the launch of the great Forza

35:38 – The legendary Wizardry gets a new episode. They are aimed at mobile phones and witnesses of the classics in the novelty may not know the beloved brand

39:53 – The composer of the music for The Last of Us suggests a sequel. Gustavo Santaolalla claims that TLOU 2 is just the beginning. Naughty Dog apparently have their hands free

46:58 – A newly discovered bug in Red Dead Online catapults you from the bridge to Mexico. Players try to get as far as possible

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