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The mobile game Doodle Dash took me back a good 10 to 15 years. Exactly when I spent my days playing online flash games. A little later, these titles hit mobile phones and today they have been pushed out by more elaborate pieces. In simplicity, however, there can be beauty.

Doodle Dash is an old-style platformer that relies heavily on hand-drawn visuals. The base is crumpled paper and the whole environment is enough with a few lines and hatching. The goal is to pass the levels and not lose lives. Jumping and sliding will help you with that. Otherwise, the character runs alone and you control it only by tapping the left or right side of the screen. Simple but functional.

The game offers three game modes. In the story, you get a clear task – to take freshly baked cookies to the moon. Is it absurd? Sure, that’s why you’re not here. The point of this mode is that you try to go through all the game levels in one try, which is not entirely easy. You can forget about the points of reference and after death you will start nicely from the beginning.

Infinite mode works de facto the same, but the environment changes randomly and you don’t unlock anything by reaching other levels. Progress in the story will unlock the opportunity to play specific levels in the third mode, which is suitable for training. While playing, you can collect coins that can be converted into rewards, such as extra lives, a bonus magnet or a protective shield. But you definitely don’t need any of that.

Despite its simplicity in processing, I enjoyed the game. Partly out of nostalgia, but also thanks to clarity and clearly stated goals. However, it is not without error. The biggest problem is inaccurate collisions with obstacles, which you definitely don’t want to see in a game of a similar punch. Repetitive music will also start to bother you after a while, and the cartoon does speak nostalgically to me, but it doesn’t have to be to you.

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