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“Don’t get angry” has never been so cool

Easy to play but difficult to master – this is “Hitman Go”, a cool strategy game that by far surpasses the classic “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”. As? We’ll tell you.

Everyone probably knows “Don’t get angry”. Some hate it, others love it. But what if the classic tokens were replaced by a contract killer and nasty security guards? Well then you play “Hitman Go”that gave the classic board game a whole new coat of paint – and has meanwhile also become a cult. You can get an idea of ​​this in the gameplay.

“Hitman Go”: The ultimate game against boredom

If you don’t feel like playing bloodthirsty agent games, Hitman Go is the right place for you: Here you sneak through various houses in the role of an agent – preferably without contact with the enemy. And if something does happen, you or your opponent fall over, just like a character from “Don’t get angry”, only online.

The principle of the tactic and strategy game is thus clear. However, what sounds easy is not that easy. As a player, you navigate on a grid that is newly defined in each round of the Go game and you prefer your figure so that you avoid your enemies, the guards, or take them out specifically. You are getting closer and closer to your intended goal with your trains.

Also for consoles and PCs

Meanwhile, “Hitman Go” has become a real hit. This is not only proven by the numerous downloads and ratings in the app stores. The Go game has long been available not only for mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, but also as a definitive edition for PC, PS4, PS Vita, VR and Rift.

For all platforms, however, the following applies: The tricky dioramas are simply fun, everything is nicely animated and highlighted with well-produced sound effects. The gameplay of course differs from Square Enix’s big brother, the “Hitman” series. For example, you don’t steer the contract killer from a shoulder perspective through an action adventure, but from a bird’s eye view through a puzzle strategy game.

However, the principle remains the same: pave the way to the goal with Agent 47. It gets more and more complex from level to level, patience is the be-all and end-all.

“Hitman Go”: It’s worth it

“Hitman Go”, that means “don’t get angry” online. The look is simple, the game more complex and ultimately the fun all the more grueling. Our conclusion: A great game against boredom, not only on holidays, but also for in between.

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