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Don’t expect too much from Apple Watch Series 8

If you’re hoping for a completely new smartwatch, I’ll have to disappoint you when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 8.

I can well imagine that when you wait for a new tech product, you hope that the new one will be really different from its predecessor. After all, you didn’t wait in vain, right? When it comes to Apple, it’s better to give up hope. The American tech company has a handful of sticking to a design for years.

We saw it with the Mac, with the iPhone, the iPad and now the Apple Watch. The tech company’s smartwatch has barely gotten a new revolutionary design over the years. That won’t be much different with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. That’s expected Twitter user ShrimpApplePro.

This Twitter user claims to have received information about the final production stage of the Apple Watch Series 8. The appearance appears to be largely similar to the current model. The Watch Series 7.

The new Watch Series 8 comes with an aluminum and steel case. There is a choice of a model with a 41 mm or a 45 mm large case. In terms of colors, Midnight, Starlight, Product(RED) and Silver are mentioned for the aluminum version.

You can safely call the information from ShrimpApplePro reliable. Last year, the Twitter user had throbbing leaked information about the Watch Series 7 to report.

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