Does your postman speak English? Clever bells from Amazon have learned to speak

Amazon has announced a new feature in its smart bells Doorbell Pro (The bells fall under the Ring company, which Amazon owns). Clever bells have learned to speak, from now on Ring Doorbell Pro will speak Alexa (virtual assistant). This allows the smart doorbell system to talk to the people who come to your front door. The new function is called Alexa Greetings and it works to require you to have a subscription Ring Protect, which starts with $ 3 per month (approx. 63 CZK). Alexa will be able to ask your visitors what they want and what the reason for their visit. The virtual assistant will let visitors record a short message if you are not at home and they are interested.

If you’re not home and the postman / deliveryman arrives, Alexa will tell him where to leave the packages. Of course, this will only be possible if the delivery person is willing to speak with a robotic bell and mainly understands English. Alexa in Ring Doorbell Pro is not the only news. Amazon announced the function of prepared answers, which should work on most bells even without a subscription.

Function prepared answers lets you choose canned responsewhich is played, for example, when someone comes to you and you are not at home. It will be the phrase: “We are not home, but if you want to leave a message, you can now” or “Please leave the package in front of the door.” This innovation will only be in some of the higher ranks of bells and security systems.

Alexa will tell anyone around the security camera that the system records the image, in case it detects movement. Such a function could deter all sorts of curious people from entering the land. All new features – Alexa Greetings, ready-made answers and motion detection can be turned on or off in the application for Android and iOS.

Introducing Alexa Greetings on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Introducing Alexa Greetings on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

How much will Alexa Greetings use in the Czech Republic?

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