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As you probably know, Google Now Voice Assistant is a grateful but controversial topic in our region. It is a technically very handy tool, the practical use of which, however, is still in the Czech Republic officially limited by the fact that Czech is not supported. We have already witnessed several hints, promises and false hopes, but the real breakthrough has not yet occurred. However, thanks to the following video, we can hope that things are moving forward and Google is finally moving finishes by tapping the local environment.

A current (actually a few hours old) video from the reader nicknamed Chaos landed in the editorial mail, which captures the recently purchased and launched Cubot King Kong mobile phone. To the surprise of the owner, Google Assistant started without any problems respond in Czech for all entered commands and queries. The record can therefore be included among several others that appeared on the Czech Internet a few weeks ago. Together, we can hope that this is an advanced phase of pre-launch testing. Be sure to check your mobile phone to see if Google Assistant and Czech are already in it. If you find that you belong to a small handful of lucky people and there is a voice assistant in Czech on your Android phone, please let us know at info “at”

For this long-awaited novelty, we officially asked the Czech representation of Google, where Alžběta Houzarová (Corporate Communication, Czechia & Slovakia) provided us with the following:

We would very much like to expand the Assistant to more countries, but it is too early for a specific date for the Czechia.

Google Assistant in Czech by Android World Reader (sample)

Google Assistant in Czech by Android World Reader (sample)

Unfortunately, the fact that Google’s voice assistant doesn’t speak our mother tongue is closely related to the fact that the American giant doesn’t even have an official store in our country. We are a small country with little sales potential. And such a region, of course, is not at the forefront of the areas in which it will be full localization and support to implement in the first waves. It rarely happens that we are among the countries that have the opportunity to try something new exclusively. In the case of the Assistant, quite expected, domestic users and fans are very annoyed.

When do you think Czech will be in the Assistant?

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