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Do you want to sell your car? Then never make that mistake

The market for used cars is running hotter than ever, thanks to the long delivery times for new cars. If you too want to get rid of your current vehicle in order to earn something like this, you should know what you are doing. You should avoid making a mistake, especially with modern vehicles.

Selling a used car: What providers need to consider

Willing buyers currently have to wait a long time for their new car, especially with e-cars, extreme lead times are no longer uncommon. So it’s no wonder that interest in used vehicles is increasing, whether for electric cars or combustion engines. Persistently high inflation could also play a role here. If you want to resell your old car for a profit, you should One thing to keep in mind.

As with smartphones, there are a lot of things to consider before selling a car Delete data, accounts and services. Otherwise, future owners will have easy access to your personal information. The Auto Club Europa (ACE) informs that sellers should log out of all services that are used directly via the car’s infotainment system.

This could for example Streaming services for music or radio plays belong. For example, if you sell a used Tesla, which is particularly worthwhile at the moment, you should also log out of your Netflix account. More importantly, sellers remove all personally identifiable information from the phone system and sat nav.

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For example, if you have connected your smartphone to the car’s system, some vehicles don’t just pull contacts and phone numbers and save them, but also e-mail addresses. In the worst case, anyone who overlooks this not only passes on their own data, but also the contact information of friends, acquaintances or from work.

If you are selling a particularly young used vehicle, for example, you may also have an internet connection. Again, don’t leave any login credentials in your car’s system. With the Navi it ​​is necessary to delete the memory. You should also completely remove the home address or frequent routes. It is also important to disconnect from your smartphone, explains the ACE.

Is it time for an electric car?

Autoclub criticized: Data protection hardly plays a role in the car

Of course, all of this only applies if you are selling a modern used car. An ancient model without an infotainment system or at least an integrated navigation system will not cause you any problems, at least in this respect. But you should also think about it when renting a car, if you have entered relevant data or connected your smartphone for the duration of your use.

To be on the safe side, the car club recommends deleting the data from all relevant services and applications individually (source: ACE). You should also check out the infotainment system reset to factory settings. But that alone is often not enough to deactivate your registration via individual apps. Since so far hardly any manufacturers have offered a simple solution to the problem, it is also advisable to start deleting early. Otherwise, it could take an unnecessarily long time for a spontaneous interested party.

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