Do you want to cancel WOW? How to end your WOW subscription

Do you want to cancel your WOW subscription? We’ll show you the various ways you can end your subscription to the Sky streaming service.

In 2014, Sky paved the way for its in-house streaming service, then known as Sky Online. In 2016, the company replaced the service with Sky Ticket. Since then, the Sky offer has included at least three packages.

These include an entertainment package for series, a film package and a package for live sports. In June 2022, Sky renamed its streaming service again and Sky Ticket became WOW. Since then, the company has been promising its subscribers a “fresh, shiny new brand”.

Cancel WOW: Deadlines and minimum term

If you’re a WOW subscriber and want to cancel your subscription, we’ll help you through the process. The good news is that WOW is relatively flexible and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The minimum term is usually just one month. This means that you can end your contract at any time for the next billing period. There is also no specific deadline at WOW. Users can even cancel their subscription a few hours before the start of the next subscription month.

Cancel WOW: How to end your subscription

However, you cannot cancel on every device. Because if you want to end your subscription, you must do so via the WOWsite do. The option is not available in the app. If you have multiple subscriptions, you must also cancel each one individually.

The termination does not take effect immediately, but only at the end of the current billing period. This means that you can still use your package until then.

How do I cancel WOW?

To cancel your WOW subscription, all you need is your login data. You can complete the process in just a few steps.

  1. Via the browser you go to the WOW website.
  2. Then you register in the customer portal under “My Account“ with your user data.
  3. Now select the category “My subscriptions” out of.
  4. Then click on “unsubscribe“.

Under “My subscriptions” you can see the list of your active WOW packages. You cancel the respective package by clicking on the “Cancel subscription” button.

Anyone who has subscribed to the “WOW Films & Series” streaming package will find two individual subscriptions listed there called “WOW Films” and “WOW Series”. To cancel them completely, both packages must be terminated individually.

Exception for live sports packages

Since the WOW packages for films and series can currently only be booked as a monthly subscription, you can also cancel them monthly at any time. There is therefore an exception for live sports packages: They are also available as annual and daily subscriptions. The latter is only reserved for existing customers who have booked an active film or series package.

The daily subscription is valid for 24 hours after booking and ends automatically. So you don’t have to cancel it separately. The WOW Live Sport annual subscription has a minimum term of twelve months. After that, it automatically turns into a monthly subscription. So you can only end it one year after booking.

Incidentally, this termination process also applies to Sky Ticket customers. Because they too can end their subscription via the WOW website. The previous Sky Ticket user data will continue to be valid.

After termination, your WOW account will remain free of charge. This is how the streaming service ensures that you can easily come back when you need it. You can also undo your cancellation in “My subscription”. There you will find the button “Reactivate subscription”.

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