Do you play a musical instrument? Google has a nice surprise for you

If you own a guitar, violin, cello or any other instrument that needs to be tuned once in a while, and at the same time a smartphone, most likely inYour mobile phone also serves as a tuner. This is through a downloaded application. Are you satisfied with it, or are you annoyed that ads are constantly popping up in it or it is otherwise uncomfortable to work with it? So you can either look for a replacement in the form of another application, or simply you can use the one you most likely have on your mobile since you purchased it. The basic Google app can already function as a tuner.

Just open a search bar or widget and type in it “Google tuner” and confirm the search. The first result will be a newly created wizard, through which you can very quickly check the tuning of the instrument after allowing access to the microphone. The tuner is chromatic, so it shows not only a match or mismatch with the desired tone, but and deviation in both directions to higher or lower frequencies.

The function does not seem to be completely reliable on all mobile phones yet, and for example with our Galaxy S21 Ultra it required a very loud sound for analysis. But this novelty certainly has the potential to get other music tuners out of mobile phones. At least the ones that owners of musical instruments do not use for anything other than the most basic task.

What instruments can you play?

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