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do you mind if your moon photo is faked?

It’s Tuesday again, time for a brand new AW Poll. We wonder if you mind if your moon photo is faked? Vote now!

Algorithm or scam?

Editor Jelle talked about smartphone photography on the Huawei P30 Pro in episode five of our AW Podcast (starting at 13:47 in the video below). In 2019, it was discovered that Huawei had hidden a picture of the moon in the algorithms of the camera software on this phone. As soon as the owner of the P30 Pro takes a picture of the moon, the software recognized it and that picture was pasted over it.

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It was announced this morning that moon photos taken with the Space Zoom on the Galaxy Ultra phones use the same trick. A Redditor shows through photos that the Space Zoom feature puts details on the moon photo that weren’t there to begin with.

Smartphone manufacturers often refer to this as making smart use of algorithms. For example, the night mode takes several frames with different exposures to make a photo sharper. In the case of Huawei and Samsung, this is not the case. The camera software adds details that are not present on the source photo. Algorithm or scam?

AW Poll

Now we wonder if you mind if your moon photo is ‘enhanced’ in this way. Have your say by voting in our poll and clarify your vote in the comments at the bottom of this article. Oh, by the way, you can avoid these kind of moon tricks by turning off the ‘Scene optimisation’ option in the camera settings.

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