Do you have a speed? 10 brand names as synonyms for other products

Whether Tempo, Pampers or Uhu: These are all brand names that now stand for all products of their kind. In our ranking, we show you which ten brand names are synonymous with many other products.

Many brand names have long since established themselves in our everyday language. Over the years, many of them have even become synonymous with complete product lines.

These brand names are synonymous with complete products

In linguistics, the use of brand names as synonyms for products is referred to as “deonym”. In the following ranking we present ten representative examples.

10. Pace

The Tempo brand has existed since 1929. As a brand name for paper handkerchiefs, it has had a lasting impact on the entire product range to this day. Because hardly anyone describes paper handkerchiefs from other manufacturers as paper handkerchiefs, but as Tempo.

10. Pace. (Screenshot / Facebook)

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