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Do you have a Ledger Cryptowallet? Then watch out for blackmail

Ledger crypto wallet holders should beware, because criminals are taking action.

If you trade in crypto coins, you can store them in a so-called hardware wallet. The Ledger crypto wallet has been widely used and is normally safe, although it does not appear to be unhackable. However, there are now problems and holders of such a Ledger crypto wallet are being blackmailed. This is happening.

It started with data theft for the Ledger Cryptowallet holders

On June 25, Ledger’s database was cracked. This meant that Ledger Cryptowallet owners’ data fell into strange hands. This not only concerns name and e-mail address, but also telephone numbers and physical addresses. After it was quiet, the entire traffic jam was dumped on Raid forums this weekend. This means that in addition to 1 million e-mail addresses, there are also addresses of 272,000 holders on the street. Since the holders of such a wallet usually own a large amount of crypto, they feared problems.

Ledger Cryptowallet holders are victims of cybercrime and blackmail

Those fears turned out to be not unjustified, because since the file was leaked, it has been raining phishing emails and malicious text messages. This includes files that try to access the wallets. Some users fall for that too. The problem is now much worse. People whose physical addresses have been stolen are now receiving threatening e-mails. If they do not come quickly with $ 500, the sender of the e-mail threatens to be burgled or beaten.

The Ledger company indicates that they cannot do anything and experts warn people that they should not provide a physical address but a PO box as the delivery address for new orders. Until now the reactions, which are shared on Reddit, have been laconic, but as long as it is not known who is behind it, the question is of course how seriously we should take this.

As always, the advice is not to pay in any case. After all, it is not said that this will get you rid of misery. In fact, one may see it as an encouragement because one may think there is more to be gained.

Meanwhile at the Bitcoin …

Contrary to what we saw yesterday, the Bitcoin rally has come to an end. Meanwhile, the price of the largest crypto coin has dropped below $ 23,000 and at the time of writing, the large crypto coins are also recording a loss. We can see this clearly in the overview below.

Bitcoin price is falling, Altcoins are falling faster

The Bitcoin exchange rate in EUR is currently EUR 18,620.09. According to experts, this is a regular collection and the long-term outlook remains bullish.

Image: Ledger crypto wallet

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