do the iPhone 14 cases fit the new iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 will not be released until September, but the dimensions of the phone are already known. Will the iPhone 14 cases fit the new iPhone 15?

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Dimensions of new iPhones leaked

The iPhone 15 series will not be released until September, but the first CAD models of the phone were already leaked last month. CAD models are files that contain the exact dimensions of an object. As a result, we already know how big the iPhone 15 will be. Apple often sends these types of models to Chinese factories early on, so that the iPhone cases can be worked on there.

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Based on these dimensions, the first 3D prints of the iPhone 15 series have now been made. This gives us a good idea of ​​what the new iPhone looks like and we can test which covers fit the new phones. The big question: will the iPhone 14 cases still fit the new iPhone 15?

Do old iPhone cases fit the new iPhone 15?

The leaked dimensions of the iPhone 15 showed earlier that the design of the new iPhone will be slightly different than we are used to so far. The iPhone 15 Pro is a fraction smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro due to the thinner screen edges. In addition, the edges of the phone are curved. The regular iPhone 15 also gets the new curved edges.

It is precisely this new design of the iPhone 15 that ensures that the iPhone 14 covers do not fit the new phones. YouTuber Mac Otakara tested the old iPhone 14 cases on the 3D prints of the iPhone 15. He found that only the iPhone 14 Pro Max case fits the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the other phones fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max. covers not. So you have to buy a new case for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro. Check out the whole video here:

Alibaba:3D mockup iPhone 15 series

All iPhone 15 rumors together

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