Discovery is coming to Germany

Just a few days before the start of the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery, ViacomCBS withdrew the series from fans worldwide. The only exception: USA and Canada. The scene raged Performers showed solidarity and the streaming service Paramount Plus got a bad reputation even before its international launch. Now the media company rowed back. To allow Netflix to stream the series in 190 countries again – but he did not let himself be carried away. The solution is a little more complicated.

Globally for four years – now only in a small circle

The Trekkies, who were deprived of the entire series a few days before the long-awaited start of the season, reacted angrily. Some said they would now use increased energy to illegally watch the consequences. After all, Viacom had announced that it would be a year or more before the global launch of Paramount Plus brings the series back to home screens. But not in 190 countries, but 45. After all, Paramount streaming via Sky should reach people’s homes in Germany in 2022. But now everything turns out differently.

First on Paramount Plus

One Announcement of the franchise on the website and social media networks advertise “We love this series too” and “Star Trek has always put its fans first. We want to do that too ”. Then she explains the new regulation. Logically, nothing will change for the USA and Canada: You can already enjoy it. In the countries where there is Paramount Plus, the first two episodes of the new season will be released on November 26th – one day after the second episode was broadcast in the USA and Canada. This applies to: Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, ViacomCBS broadcasts the episodes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. local time on the free streaming platform Pluto the end. It also belongs to the US group. Simultaneously, a broadcast is to be broadcast on the Star Trek channel on Pluto in Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The platform is better known for older film and series material.

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Star Trek Discovery for digital purchase

In some regions ViacomCBS will also be offering the series on “selected digital platforms” from November 26th. In addition to Russia, South Korea, France and Great Britain, Germany is also one of them. The company does not say which providers are meant. Presumably they are those who sell series digitally, including Amazon Prime and Apple. The statement concludes: “We promise to give this franchise and its loyal fans all the global love and visibility it deserves in our expanding universe on Paramount +.”

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