Discover the advantages of the electric d-Wiz Fold M7b 2023 from Sparta

The d-Wiz Fold M7b 2023 electric bicycle from Sparta is the ideal bicycle for someone who is always on the road and, where possible, likes to keep moving. Since this electric bicycle is foldable, you can take it with you if you are taking a train trip, for example. Do you feel like going out on the weekend? Even then you can take a wonderfully relaxed ride on this bike. In this article you can read more about this well-known Dutch bicycle brand Sparta and our favorite electric folding bicycle.

More about the well-known bicycle brand Sparta

Sparta once gained its first fame thanks to the famous Spartamet, which officially fell under the mopeds. Sparta later became the first and only bicycle brand to market electric bicycles. Thanks to the many innovative solutions, Sparta became the market leader, a place it now has to share with Koninklijke Gazelle.

Thanks to the enormously innovative character of Sparta, it is always seen as one of the most reliable bicycle manufacturers. For example, in 2022 the brand was awarded as the best electric bicycles of 2022 in the urban category. Sparta’s goal is that more and more people choose the bicycle, so that the brand makes a nice contribution to the sustainability and health of the Netherlands.

General information about Sparta’s electric folding bike

The d-Wiz Fold M7b 2023 from Sparta is the perfect bike for someone who likes to take their e-bike to all kinds of different places. For example, if you are forced to use public transport for work, but you like to get active, you can take the folding bike with you on the train or bus. In addition, the d-Wiz Fold M7b 2023 cycles very comfortably thanks to the low-noise Bosch Active mid-engine.

The bike has four different support positions, so you can easily tackle any route. This way you have no problem cycling through the hills, but you can also choose to make a little more effort on a flat piece. The standard version of this electric folding bike has a battery capacity of 300 Wh, with which you can cycle about 50 to 130 kilometers in ECO mode. Do you prefer a battery that lasts longer? You can choose to upgrade this capacity to 500 Wh, which increases your range to 90 to a maximum of 220 kilometers.

The most important features of this Sparta electric folding bike at a glance:

Type of ride Daily short trips
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Engine location Middle
Engine technique Bosch Active
Power engine 40 Nm
Number of gears 7
Type of gears Shimano Nexus 7 Speed
Number of pedal supports 4

The main advantages of choosing an electric folding bike

An electric folding bike makes you extremely flexible in your travel options. For example, it is difficult to take your regular bicycle on public transport, so that you sometimes have to travel unnecessarily long to your final destination. This model also makes the choice to get on the bike in your spare time a little easier, because you cycle very comfortably thanks to the support.

Because this electric folding bike is from the Sparta brand, you can be sure that it is a reliable model. Sparta is constantly innovating and improving its products, which means that Sparta has been marketing the best electric bicycles for years. In short, if you are looking for an electric folding bike, the d-Wiz Fold M7b 2023 from Sparta is worth considering!

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