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discount at Coolblue, Amazon,, providers and more

Black Friday is actually planned for November 27, but to spread the crowds, you can already take advantage of substantial discounts from today. We have already listed the best offers from Coolblue, Amazon, OnePlus, Belsimpel,, providers and other parties.

Black Friday 2020 has started

Black Friday came over from America and is now well established in the Netherlands. Reason enough to take advantage of various offers and discounts again this year. But not all offers are equally interesting. We have listed the best offers for you below.

Please Note: Throughout the weekend, this article will be updated with new deals and information.


At Coolblue we see a large number of offers. More than 1000 products have been discounted and that is not just smartphones. You also get a Black Friday discount on a monitor, television, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, dash cams, hard drives, doorbells, earplugs, radios, headphones, microwaves, washing machines and much more. You will find all offers on this page.

In the field of smartphones, there are also the necessary discounts. We have highlighted a number of them. Behind the amount you will find in brackets the price for which you could buy it until today, not the recommended price.

Other interesting offers;


At Amazon you can also take advantage of Black Friday offers from 20 to 30 November. You can take advantage of new offers every day. You can find a complete overview of the offers on this page. Not only do you get a discount on electronics. You also get big discounts on games, robot vacuums, Oral-B brush heads, dog trunk protection, DIY equipment, Raspberry Pi, jewelry, products from Braun, Anker and McAfee and various games. You also get a 30 percent discount on the Ring video doorbell, which now costs 69 euros. There are an incredible amount of offers, so it’s impossible to list them all. It’s best to take a look yourself Black Friday at Amazon page. There you will also find deals up to 20 euros and Lightning Deals that will start soon.

At you can take advantage of a large number of offers from today, for 8 days. As you are used to from the web store, this is for the most diverse product groups. So from a discount on your smartphone to care products. You can find an overview on You get a lot of discount on products from Oral-B, and great for the holidays; also on Rituals gift sets, clothing, bags and so on. The offers change every day, so be quick.


Web store Belsimpel will also be working on offers for Black Friday 2020. From 20 to 30 November you can take advantage of various smartphone offers. You will find a complete overview back here. We have highlighted some offers;

Media market

From today you will find a lot of new offers at MediaMarkt. These are all collected on this page. During the Black Friday Pre Party you benefit from various discounts. Think of hundreds of euros discount on the best televisions, washing machines, laptops and more than 250 other products. We have listed some interesting offers below.


OnePlus offers various discounts on the OnePlus 8. You can order them via the own website from OnePlus. The version with 12GB RAM offers a 100 euro discount if you use the discount code ‘FRIDAY2020’. You get a 150 euro discount on the OnePlus 8 with 8GB of RAM if you use the discount code ‘BF2020’. This gives you the OnePlus 8 from 499 euros. The OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a free set of Bullets Wireless Z earbuds.


At Youfone they now have an interesting range of sim-only offers. You use the KPN network. First of all, you save on the 20.00 euro connection costs. The following subscriptions are extra competitively priced. Optionally, you can also opt for 120 minutes instead of unlimited for a lower monthly amount. All details have been collected on the website from Youfone.

  • Unlimited calls + with 1GB: 8.00 euros p / m
  • + Bundle with 2GB: 9.00 euros p / m
  • + Bundle with 4GB: 10.00 euros p / m
  • + Bundle with 10GB: 12.00 euros p / m
  • + Bundle with 20GB: 17.00 euros p / m


At Lebara you can take out a sim-only subscription for a low amount. You could already read this in our extensive article with the best sim-only offers of November. Lebara gives a discount on the connection costs for Black Friday 2020; you don’t have to pay for it. Still saves 15 euros. You can view the Lebara website here.


In Huawei’s own online store, the manufacturer stunts with substantial discounts. When you purchase the FreeLace Pro, you will also receive the Huawei Band 4 Pro for free on top of the 23 percent discount. When you purchase the latest Huawei FreeBuds Pro from Huawei, you get a 50 percent discount on the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, the stylish smartwatch from Huawei that we previously discussed in detail in the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro review. But there are more offers; we have listed a number for you below;

This article will be updated all day with new interesting deals!

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