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Discord for Android and iOS has learned one very useful feature from the PC

The online communicator Discord, which is especially popular with video game fans, has received an interesting feature in its mobile version. After many years, when this option was only available on computers, it now works on phones image and audio sharing during calls. In practice, the user can start Discord and use it to mediate events on his phone to other participants in the communication. However, the mobile application has Discord when sharing the screen logical constraints.

Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

Live streaming of video and audio content is not possible with applications that normally prohibit it on the system. Is part of them for example, Netflix. In the vast majority of games, which is of course the main target group, the function should not be limited at all. It should even be available, for example, in TikTok, when browsing the gallery on a mobile phone or when using augmented reality applications.

Discord previews

The Discord mobile app officially promoted screen sharing on December 16. Of course, global deployment may take some time. They can do the same gradually open up new possibilities sharing for other running applications.

For what purpose would you use this novelty?

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