Disappointed Galaxy cell phone: Even Samsung employees crack jokes

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 hasn’t even been introduced yet, so the folding phone is already making jokes. Surprisingly, they don’t come from Apple, Xiaomi or other competitors – but from their own employees. One statement in particular makes you sit up and take notice.

With the Google Pixel Fold, Samsung recently had a fair amount of competition for its Fold series. The new competition seems to have caught the electronics manufacturer off guard, because the Galaxy Z Fold 5 should hardly change compared to its predecessor.

Samsung employees are not convinced by the Galaxy Z Fold 5

You can’t even call it Galaxy Z Fold 4s‘ a Samsung employee allegedly scoffed at the upcoming folding smartphone. For those who forgot: For years, Apple has been bringing iPhones with the S abbreviation onto the market, which always come with somewhat more powerful hardware, but not a fundamentally new design.

About the general dissatisfaction with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 among Samsung employees reports the well-informed insider Ice Universe (source: Twitter).

The fact that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 apparently has so few innovations in its luggage to reach the already low level of an S-iPhone should set alarm bells ringing for potential buyers. Maybe they’re with him purchase of the predecessorwhich is now much cheaper, better served.

The current Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the video:

Samsung cannot afford another year

Kaan Gurayer

In my review of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, I already warned of major innovations in the successor, especially with regard to the design. Samsung has been using this in a slightly modified form since 2019. Samsung can’t actually afford another year.

But we will soon find out whether it will actually happen. At the end of July and thus earlier than initially assumed, the South Koreans are to present the new generation of their folding smartphones.

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