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Dinsey + climbs to the price of 8.99 euros with added adult content

This Thursday, December 10, Disney + announced the arrival of the Star category on its online streaming platform. The consequence of this addition of adult films is the increase in the subscription price in Europe to 8.99 euros per month.

The Star category advertised on the online streaming site will contain more mature movies and content. Don’t expect pornographic films, but especially more violent and mature titles than what Disney + had accustomed its audiences to. The objective for Mickey’s company is to offer a “Hulu” in an international version. The latter is a streaming service owned by Disney and having a strong success in the United States with 38 million paying users.

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What will the Star category soon be available on Disney +?

The addition of this brand new category therefore generates an increase in the monthly subscription rate. From February 23, 2021, the offer will increase to 8.99 euros for new potential customers of the service. For those who are already subscribed to Disney +, this increase of two euros will occur in August 2021. Also note that the addition of the “Star” category is not optional on the site. You therefore cannot refuse to add it to your subscription. For the moment, the firm has not yet communicated what will happen to those who have subscribed to an annual subscription.

Among the new content that will be available later on the new Disney catalog, Fox films will be included. Sagas like Aliens or Die Hard are thus included. This addition also requires Disney + to add a parental control system to filter out users who are too young to access this content. This is good news for the platform which is in good health in its year of launch. Will she be able to compete with Netflix in the years to come?

Dinsey + climbs to the price of 8.99 euros with added adult content

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