Dilara’s favorite app of 2020

The year is almost over and that means that the iPhoned editors are looking back on their favorite app of the year. Dilara’s favorite is iOS’s default Reminders app.

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Favorite iOS app from Dilara: Reminders app

Except for a number of new iOS games, such as Among Us, I mostly use the same apps on my iPhone. In addition to online banking and mail, one day I mainly open Google Calendar, WhatsApp and Instagram. However, since this year, I’ve also started using the Reminders app almost daily, an app that’s been in iOS for a while. Now there is no more external tasks app involved.

With the arrival of iOS 13 at the end of last year, Apple has given the Reminders app a makeover. Since then I have been using the application for so many different things that I can no longer live without it. I use the app for all kinds of lists: from a to-do list for the day to packing my bag when I go away for the weekend.

Intuitive and everything you need

The Reminders app is simple, but has everything you need. Moreover, it works very intuitively. You can create a new list by tapping ‘Add list’. You can then give your list a name, a matching icon and color. Because of the different colors, your frames can be recognized at a glance.

Do you have something that you really shouldn’t forget? Then add a reminder by tapping the plus sign. By directly typing in a date and time, the app proposes to set the reminder notification to that time.

Also useful: setting up subtasks. I often use this option for packing lists. For example, I put in the list that I should not forget my toilet bag, but I set as subtasks what exactly should be in it.

Reminders app syncs with iCloud

Thanks to the synchronization with iCloud, you can also find the list everywhere. If I suddenly think of something that I want to be reminded of later, I immediately put it in the Reminders app on my iPhone. Then when I work on my MacBook, I also get a reminder on my Mac screen.

The iOS 14 widgets also make using the Reminders app even easier: you can place your to-do list on your home screen. This way you always have a clear overview of your tasks and reminders.

More apps from 2020

At the end of the year, we look back at our favorite apps of 2020. Read this week iPhoned also about the favorite apps of our other editors, and more interesting end-of-year lists!

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