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Digital pens, how do they work?

The world of high technology will not cease to impress us. If you have known the pen in its classic version for writing on paper, today you will know it in its digital version. A smart digital gadget, it revolutionizes the way you take notes at work, in class or at home. No need to type to transcribe them on your computer. With a digital pen, all your writing on paper is digitized automatically. How does the digital pen actually work and how do you use it correctly? We explain everything to you in this post!

Digital pen: what is it?

Stylus, pen scanner and digital pen, these are all electronic gadgets that are currently on the market. However, this is not the same tool. They are different. Indeed, if the stylus simplifies interaction on a touchscreen interface, the pen scanner, meanwhile, helps to read writings and symbols on paper thanks to its sensor. On the other hand, the digital pen is, above all, a computer tool. It takes the form of a classic ballpoint pen, but instead of having only ink to function, it will have more batteries as power supply. Also with a sensor, it converts everything you can write or draw on regular paper into digital format. Clearly, it plays the role of transmitter of all your gestures which will be captured and then recorded by the receiver. Everything is then interpreted directly on the computer or tablet.

How does this smart pen work?

Much like an optical mouse works, the digital pen tracks hand movements with the same LED light as the mouse. During your movements also, it will follow them in relation to the invisible patterns of the lines of the interactive paper to then transmit them on the computer or the tablet in digital version. Easy to use, it is used like a classic pen when you are writing something. The receiver it integrates will first interpret your gestures before being able to transcribe them. Thus, everything you write with your digital pen on the interactive notebook will be directly transcribed in digital format on the electronic medium you have chosen. There are more sophisticated models, moreover, models that have Bluetooth. With this device, everything you write will be transmitted directly over the electronic medium connected Bluetooth to your smart pen.

Digital pens, how it works advice

For what concrete uses?

A real technological revolution, the digital style offers many advantages for its user. If for a student or a pupil its use allows to better record the assignments and the essays directly on a computer or a tablet. For a professional, it will allow him to save more time in the recording of these documents, to easily store the data essential for work. Plus, it also saves the hassle of a laptop or tablet when you need to take notes. Plus, it just makes things easier by letting you focus more on your notes than when you need to type on your keyboard. There are also several types of digital pens, each of which may have a specific functionality in relation to its intended use. This is the case, for example, with digital pen models for artists and designers. This type has more pressure sensitive tips than conventional digital pens.

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