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DigiD app cannot be downloaded on devices with Android 11

There are problems with downloading the DigiD app on devices with Android 11. Using the application should still be possible, but the download is not successful.

No DigiD app on Android 11

Those who use Android 11 and want to download the DigiD app run into problems. Users with a smartphone or tablet with Android 11 will be notified in the Google Play Store that the relevant app cannot be downloaded. The DigiD app is used for various government matters. Tweakers reports that the problem would lie with signing a certificate.

The problem is known to Logius, the government agency that manages the DigiD app. They argue that work is underway on a solution that is unlikely to take too long. Unfortunately, no indication can be given as to when this problem has been resolved. If you have not yet installed it on your Android 11 device, you will not see the app in the search results.

Those who already have the app on their device can still use it. When opening the DigiD app, they will see a message stating that the application must be updated. Then the update cannot be downloaded from the Play Store due to the same error. There is no security risk when the app is used.


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