Diet made easy: ShapeGanic calorie counter & weight control

Counting calories has never been easier than with a free app that is always with you. In contrast to most of its competitors, this tool can be used for free and does not have to hide in terms of features.

The reasons for counting the calories ingested can be many. While some only want to have a rough overview, others want to support their diet in this way. Before apps like this one, it wasn’t easy to count calories. The information on the packaging had to be calculated down to the amount consumed and if you wanted to calculate an entire menu, it was even more time-consuming. With a smartphone and a suitable app, a gigantic database can be used and the ability to scan barcodes makes counting calories a breeze. However, that’s just one of the many features that such apps offer.

Everything starts with data protection

While most other apps of this type initially require an account or maybe even force logging in with Facebook, ShapeGanic can also be used completely anonymously and without an account. Even a permanent internet connection is not necessary. Of course, you have to go online for occasional updates of the app and the data. Otherwise, it is sufficient to install the app and simply start counting calories as a guest.

Of course, registration has advantages that should not be left unmentioned. Central storage of the data is particularly advantageous if several devices are to be used. Such a registration can be done via Google, your own email or the telephone number.

Without registration, the data will not be saved. It is therefore important to take care of data backups on a regular basis. All entered data can be exported in the settings in CSV format. However, I couldn’t find an import in the app. Therefore, simply restoring it to a new smartphone will be difficult. If you want to be on the safe side here, you should perhaps create an account.

Track calories and meals

On the app’s start screen, you are greeted with the most important daily data. The calories consumed are particularly large and prominent. Furthermore, the absorbed macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) are listed. These are not only important for athletes. In order for these numbers to make sense, you should find out about your needs in advance. There are plenty of websites for this on the Internet. A good address is the website of your own health insurance company. In most cases, a value of 500-1000 calories is subtracted from the determined daily requirement. If in doubt, you should consult your doctor here. The distribution of macronutrients is also taken into account at this point. I cannot give nutritional advice at this point and neither will the app. It is imperative to find out what needs the body has. Simply removing the fat can have fatal consequences.

Once the remaining daily requirement has been determined, you can start entering the food. Basically every food can be entered manually. This includes the macronutrients, amounts and calories per 100g. Access to the database is of course much easier. As soon as you start to write a word, there are suggestions for suitable articles. It is best to add products that are used again and again to favorites directly. The option of scanning the barcode on the packaging is even easier.

Meals can be grouped by time of day. This enables a better overview. If breakfast takes up a large part of the daily requirement, it is easier to change or optimize the diet. It gets rough in breakfast, Having lunch and dinner divided. Everything else falls under the heading snack.

Use recipes and favorites

While favorites are pretty easy to use, you have to dig a little for recipes first. But it is precisely these that are particularly important, since only a single food is eaten in very few cases. You also want to create your own pizza or jam roll without having to repeatedly specify the individual ingredients. Since there is no separate area for the recipes, you first have to use the search to create the meal with all the ingredients. A recipe can then be created from this meal in the favorites. In the future, the entire meal can then be added.

Weight control and statistics

Since a steadily falling curve can be a great motivation, the app offers graphical evaluations. All you have to do is enter your weight into the app at regular intervals.

Costs and advertising

The app can be downloaded for free and used without any restrictions. For financing purposes, advertisements are placed, for which only AdMob is currently used as an advertising network.

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