Did your child get a phone call? These seven things should be solved

Did Santa Claus bring a mobile phone to the child in your household? It will certainly not be one of the exceptions. In our opinion, the mobile phone is already at the level of a mountain bike and socks and is a classic of Christmas presents. Very often children receive it. If it’s good and at what age of the offspring it should happen, we discussed it quite recently. But when that happens, we should keep that in mind a few basic things to keep. For control, safety and prevention of unpleasant surprises. Here are 7 selected tips on how to set up your phone for a child.

How to set up a phone for a child – 7 tips

It is easy for your child to put you in your pocket and outsmart you when configuring your phone. Don’t get carried away, it’s actually completely normal today. Children grow up with these technologies and learn very quickly. Often outside the home where you don’t know about it. Take the following tips as the basics of that they may sound banal to you and your offspring, but in the end they may prove to be essential.

1) Put the mobile phone in the factory settings

About half of the phones that end up in the hands of children at Christmas are not brand new devices. These are cell phones that someone has already used. For this reason, it is very likely that they contain not only an older system (this may not matter at all), but also various data such as the remnant of the previous owner. These can be almost invisible and unobtrusive files from various applications, but also emails, photos or messages. It is definitely a good idea to reset the phone to factory settings before handing it over. This option is not difficult to find and only takes a moment.


2) Set PINs and other passwords together

Today, mobile phone security can be compared to locking a computer, hiding a diary and protecting a wallet or an entire house. Setting individual accesses to the SIM, behind the screen lock, to various services or applications by no means underestimate. You should remember or write down a lot of data. Children can forget them.


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