Did you know? This Apple Watch is an unexpected blockbuster

Apple has not yet revealed which model of Apple Watch is bought and used the most – a big secret. But this has now been revealed a bit, and an unexpected box-office hit comes to light.

Apple Watch 3

Over 100 million Apple Watches have already been sold, but how are they distributed among the current users? Apple is silent and does not reveal anything. Instead of just speculating wildly, app developer David Smith is now giving us the first Documentation for model distribution.

Smartwatch Blockbuster: Apple Watch Series 3, Really Now?

Quite a few Apple users are familiar with the bestselling “Widgetsmith” app, which enables freely configurable widgets on the iPhone. With “Watchsmith” the same developer offers a no less interesting app for the Apple Watch, which is used to create individual complications on watch faces. The The app’s user base now offers initial clues The developers draw interesting conclusions about the distribution of the individual models of the Apple Watch.

It is noticeable: The old Apple Watch Series 3 leads the ranking of smartwatch models and is actually still that most used model. A surprise for those who believed that the current model (Apple Watch Series 6) would top the list. On closer inspection, however, this is not so surprising, because after all, Apple has been offering the 3 Series continuously since 2017. Bargain hunters still use it today. The new, affordable Apple Watch SE has at least not changed that much, its influence is currently rather low at 6 percent.

Oh yes, this special “Apple Watch” does not appear at all:

But this is likely to change in the future. From all appearances, Apple will be the Apple Watch Series 3 in the autumn namely quit and the Apple Watch SE in their place position. But will Apple then also lower the price to Series 3 level? We remain a little skeptical about that.

Will a round display be an issue in the future? It would be exciting:

The big display question

But what is definitely not to be discussed away: Viewed cumulatively, these are the new types today Variants with the larger display and rounded corners the majority compared to the old screen design of the Apple Watch Series 3. Ergo: Apple Watch Series 4,5,6 and SE do together 67 percent and thus two thirds of the user base – at least with the developer.

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