Diablo Immortal invites the first players to a closed alphaversion apkrig

It’s been two years since the announcement of the mobile Diablo Immortal, after which we haven’t heard much about the game. Leaving aside the controversy that accompanied the announcement itself, developers talked about Diablo Immortal a year ago at BlizzCon, and it seemed that we would have to wait until its online version at the end of next February to cancel this year’s popular festival. However, games from Blizzard have been quite busy in recent days, and after information about the big Diablo IV and indications that the second part of the Overwatch event will be talked about on BlizzConline, there is an unexpected news that Diablo Immortal is entering the technical alpha version. But don’t rejoice too much – only a handful of randomly selected players from Australia, who also registered in advance, are currently allowed to enter. Even so, new videos from the game are coming to the public, and we see the shift towards a public test as a good signal that the development of the game is well under way and we could look forward to it soon.

“The Diablo Immortal development team has made another significant shift and we are pleased to announce that we will soon open the gates of hell to a limited number of players in the technical alpha version. The main goal is to test the stability and functions of the game client across a wide range of devices, “says Blizzard in a report on the official website. The developers further explain that the test will take place exclusively on mobile phones with the Android operating system and only if the registered player has a suitable phone. Just looking at the graphics, it is clear that Diablo Immortal will not start on any device, which is subsequently confirmed by the frequently asked questions and answers section. Phones should have at least a Snapdragon 710 or Hisilicon Kirin 810 processor, at least 2 GB of RAM and an Adreno 616 graphics chip, ARM MAli-G52 and higher. The lowest supported version of the system is Lollipop, ie Android OS 5.0, but the hardware will be decisive anyway. When Diablo Immortal arrives on Apple phones, players with an iPhone 8 or better with at least iOS 12 will be able to play.

But back to the test, which, according to available information, will reach several thousand Australian players. They will have a choice of four of the six planned classes of heroes – a barbarian, a monk, a demon hunter and a wizard – with the lack of a crusader and necromancer. The alpha version will also have a reduced highest possible achievable level – 45 – but players will also be able to try the so-called paragon system, within which they will be able to continue to improve beyond the stated levelcap. In addition, the system will be expanded and will offer a better opportunity to profile your hero based on the style of play thanks to more sections, which is not the only thing that differs from Diablo III. This is the operation and form of rifts, ie randomly created dungeons, which will have the nickname “elder” instead of “greater” in Immortal and a key will be required to enter.

Lead game designer Wyatt Cheng then opened the topic of monetization in an information video on Twitter and indicated that Blizzard had approached it quite generously. “The main story quest and future content updates will be free. We won’t limit you to any energy system and the new classes of heroes will be available to everyone, without having to pay anything in the game, ”says Cheng. All microtransactions should thus relate to the planned battle passes and emblems, which can modify the rifts described above, adjust their difficulty and, most importantly, increase the amount of loot that players take away after passing. The release date and the extension of the alpha version to other regions have not yet been announced.

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