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After a long time, we receive interesting information about the upcoming mobile action RPG Diablo Immortal. First of all, you can start reporting for closed testing, although the chances of Blizzard letting you in are slim this time. Priority will be given to players from Australia, although lead designer Wyatt Cheng does not rule out the participation of players of other nationalities in his video.

Selected lucky ones will be the first to test the leveling system and the overall gameplay up to midgame. They will be able to reach the lowered level of level 45, but they will not be denied the opportunity to try the local version of the paragon system known from Diablo III, although there will be more receipts in Diablo Immortal for different styles of playing.

Volunteer testers will try the profession of barbarian, monk, demon hunter and wizard, while the warrior and necromancer must get a taste. In Diablo Immortal, in addition to filling the main storyline, you’ll look for keys that open the gates called Elder Rifts, which will take you to shorter, randomly generated dungeons.

Wyatt Cheng also mentions a new system of objects in the video. You will be able to disassemble the found equipment and use the components from it to improve the legendary objects so that they will last you longer and keep up with the next loot found. Legendary items cannot be bought and exchanged, you just have to find them.

And now for what interests us all a lot and what quite possibly decides whether we give the game a chance at all – monetization. Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play. The entire main story taking place between Diablo II and Diablo III will be free, as will all future updates, including new professions. The main thing will be available to everyone for free and it will not be hidden even behind any annoying energy systems.

So what will Blizzard make money on? Cheng mentions two things. First, a battle pass, which does not elaborate further, but is usually not something you would have to have to enjoy playing. Secondly, you will be able to buy so-called “crests” for real money, the purpose of which is to make the above-mentioned dungeons easier or more difficult, and in both cases they will reward you with a better loot for their passage.

Not a word was said about when Diablo Immortal might come out. Probably because the upcoming closed testing may reveal non-functional elements, and the development of the game could take longer. But it is clearly offered that the game will appear in two months at the BlizzConline festival.

If it’s too early to reveal the release date, maybe we’ll get at least more footage and information. And I wouldn’t be surprised at the immediate launch of an open beta right during the festival.

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