Despite the war, Ukraine puts new wind turbines into operation

Despite the ongoing fighting in the country, Ukraine is currently putting new wind turbines into operation. However, the entire project is only partially complete.

War has been raging in Ukraine for over a year since the Russian attack. A lot has happened since then. However, the Ukrainian government manages to hold its own against the attackers. Critical infrastructures are still available – among other things, the energy supply is still guaranteed in many parts of the country.

Ukraine is currently even able to expand its infrastructure. Only recently the energy supplier DTEK Group presented the first 114 megawatts of a 500 megawatt wind turbine completed. By 2030, the utility aims to make around 30 gigawatts of sustainable capacity available to the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine is building new wind turbines – despite the war

The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the spring and consists of 19 turbines manufactured by Vestas. Each wind turbine has an output of six megawatts. The project, in turn, is located in the Mykolaiv region in the southern part of the country. Therefore, workers are not always safe from Russian attacks either.

Meanwhile, the goal is to complete the system in a timely manner. The DTEK Group is asking for international support for this. Because after the work was initially stopped after the beginning of the conflict, the experts are now back to work in protective vests and protective clothing on the sustainable future of the country.

Energy supply: Ukraine needs international support

As of this writing, Ukraine gets about ten gigawatts of its needs from sustainable assets. Some systems are located directly in the war zone, which is why the government is pushing ahead with the expansion of new projects with a certain urgency.

Should the DTEK Group achieve its expansion target of 30 gigawatts, 50 percent of Ukraine’s total demand would come from sustainable energy sources. Until then, it remains to be seen how the situation in the east and south of the country will develop.

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