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Despite lockdown, Tikkie payment app has grown considerably in 2020

During the two lockdowns in the Netherlands, the catering industry had to close its doors. Tikkie has hardly been bothered by this. The payment app experienced significant growth in 2020.

Payment traffic via Tikkie is growing

Tikkie is often used in cafes to settle costs with friends. Now that the catering industry has closed, the popularity of Tikkie still appears to be increasing. In 2019, an amount of 2.6 billion euros was settled and this year the counter stands at 3.4 billion euros, Trouw writes. The payment app is not yet profitable, but that is not the goal for Tikkie. In the first instance, it wants to be cost-effective.

Groceries and pizzas

Tikkie can determine from the descriptions of the payment requests sent via the app what the amounts were intended for. The descriptions cafe or restaurant were exchanged for delivery meals and groceries during the corona pandemic. Tikkie also encountered three striking new descriptions, puzzles, plants and masks. (Catering) companies also currently make extensive use of the app to allow customers to pay contactlessly for their deliveries. According to the company, contactless payment will remain the norm even after the corona crisis.

Tikkie was launched in 2016 and already had 25,000 users in the first week. Millennials in particular appreciated the app and that is still the case. Tikkie puts them under the heavy users. The payment app currently has six million users.

Tikkie is an app from ABN Amro with which you can quickly send payment requests to family and friends via WhatsApp, among others. Recipients can pay for the request via iDeal. You do not have to be an ABN Amro customer to use Tikkie. Most other banks have a similar payment service.



Tikkie is an application from ABN Amro, with which you can quickly send payment requests to friends via WhatsApp, among others. Then an iDeal screen opens, ..

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