Despite debt, the NFT project continues

Laura-Marie Geissler stands out: she is one of the few women behind the wheel of a racing car. That is precisely why she does not want to get involved in conventional sponsorship deals that restrict her, do not correspond to her values ​​or only want to use them as mobile advertising banners.

So the 24-year-old does not rely on financially strong sponsors and relies on technology and community: With the purchase of her NFT, sponsors and fans can support her sports career. In March 2022 she published her first NFT. She sold 400 out of 1,000 tokens, but then the prices for NFT and interest in it fell drastically.

“When I launched, we went straight into a bear market,” she says. That brought her down to earth and took away the confidence of many investors in NFT. “I wasn’t able to sell all the NFTs and the prices for the cryptocurrency have also fallen,” says Geissler.

New NFT next season

After the racing season, she was left with over 150,000 euros in debt. This is another reason why Laura is clear: she wants to continue and announces another mint, i.e. the issue of new NFT, for the end of the year. In the podcast she explains how she continues to motivate herself for the project and what the new NFT should be able to do.

She learned a lot from her first NFT mint. Not only technical understanding, but also about building and supporting their community of NFT buyers. There are three things she pays particular attention to:

First of all, according to Geissler, it is important to draw the attention of as many people as possible to your own project and to sensitize them to the topic of the project. “Anyone who wants to start an NFT project should think about what values ​​they want to convey with it,” says Laura Geissler. It is important that potential buyers share these values ​​and can identify with them.

“It’s about providing people with a certain added value in the long term,” explains Geissler. She advises setting up your own project on a broad basis and using different channels such as social media platforms or messaging services.

“It was another biggest mistake that I withdrew a lot when the racing season was over. This created a gap in communication,” she says. Instead, it is better to find the channels and platforms that best suit the project and yourself.

“I’m not just a racing driver, I’m a person with many different interests, priorities and challenges,” says Geissler. They try to communicate that to their community. “I want to be approachable, authentic and human,” she says.

That’s why she’s also open about debt. “Otherwise nobody in Germany talks about it. But maybe I can inspire people who are also in debt or have another low,” she says.

In the interview podcast, Laura talks about how she started her own NFT project. She talks about how she felt when she realized the market for NFTs had plummeted shortly after her tokens launched, and why she’s sticking with the plan and wanting to issue more NFTs.

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