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Deleting your Threads account means closing your Instagram account

Meta today launched its new Threads social network to compete with Twitter. But those who wish to create an account should think twice before taking action. Indeed, if they want to delete their Threads account in the future, they will also have to delete the Instagram account.

Meta describes Threads as “Instagram’s text chat app.” This doesn’t just mean that your Instagram username is transferred to Threads and you get to follow the same people you follow on Instagram. It also means that once you’ve created a Threads profile, there’s no way to delete it, unless you’re ready to completely delete your Instagram account.

Privacy Policy mentions it. “You can deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but be aware that your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account”can we read.

At the moment, Threads is available in over 100 countries, but not those in the European Union. The service has been launched for less than 24 hours and already has more than 30 million users. It’s a great performance. It will be interesting to see if the success will continue, to the point of overtaking Twitter.

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