Dbrand PlayStation 5 panels on sale now

The first Dbrand PlayStation 5 panels are available now and they cost!

The Canadian brand Dbrand has ‘shit’ to Sony and has started selling the custom panels for the PS5. Ever since the brand’s unveiling that they will be selling homemade panels for the console, there has been controversy. Sony does not want third parties to make panels for the PlayStation 5.

Dbrand PlayStation 5 panels

Dbrand doesn’t care about that message. Earlier this week, it was announced that their slogan has been changed to a spicy ‘Go ahead, sue us’. Yep, those guys don’t care about Sony. You can now order custom panels for the PS5 via the brand’s website. The Dbrand PlayStation 5 panels are matte black and that’s the only model they have for now. There will undoubtedly be more variants at a later stage.

Dbrand PlayStation 5 panels

The PS5’s center piece is also customizable in colors other than matte black. You can do this for example yellow, white or red. Patterns are also available. The Dbrand PlayStation 5 panels including a color for the center piece cost $ 60.95. The first panels will be delivered to customers in May. It remains to be seen whether Sony will indeed sue the rather brutal brand.

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