Consumer advocates do not want to accept that DAZN has doubled its prices. A model lawsuit against the sports streaming provider is now being prepared. The Federal Association of Consumer Centers is calling on affected subscribers to take part in the lawsuit.

Consumer advocates sue against DAZN price increase

Since August 1, 2022, DAZN customers no longer pay 14.99 euros a month, but are asked to pay 29.99 euros a month. The alternative annual payment also got hefty increased from previously 149.99 euros to now 274.99 euros. The changed subscription prices now apply to both new and existing customers.

Consumer advocates have now taken up the matter. According to the Consumer Center Federal Association, the Price increase illegal, at least for existing customers, since the corresponding clause in DAZN’s terms and conditions is not transparent. Therefore, a model lawsuit is now being filed. If this fails in the interests of customers and consumer advocates, DAZN could be obliged to reimburse the wrongly charged fees.

around yourself join the lawsuit as a DAZN customer to be able to, the consumer advocates have put a form online (source: Federation of Consumers). Only those who already have a subscription to the new price structure with the sports streaming provider and have paid for it at least once can take part in the lawsuit. When filling out the form, it helps to have the current contract with DAZN available, as some detailed questions need to be answered.

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DAZN: Significantly more Champions League

For 29.99 euros per month, DAZN has the most games in the UEFA Champions League until at least 2027. From the 2024/25 season, 186 of 203 possible matches will also be shown live. There are significantly fewer Champions Leagues on Amazon Prime Video.