Dave Roelvink: ‘I’d rather not have others hold my son’

“He is completely in love,” says Dries. “I see him walking neatly through the park, and then I’m lying on the couch at home.”

Dangerous situations

The singer sometimes no longer recognizes his son: ”Every now and then it could be a little more fun. He decided two years ago not to drink anymore, so it will all be different anyway.” Dave also notices that he has changed a lot. “I was never afraid of heights or other dangerous situations before. But I notice that since I became a father I now have a kind of system that then blocks.”

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In the weekly magazine Weekend, the brand new father also told about his overprotectiveness. “If someone wants to hold Dean, I first give an instruction for 15 minutes on how to do that. I also have disinfection pumps everywhere.”

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