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Darksiders III

Back to Earth

In 2010 there was Mr. Válka, two years later Mr. Death arrived. And then for six years nothing happened. For the most part, the disappearance of the Vigil Games, which broke down in 2013, was partly due to the questionable quality of each game. While Darksiders had a high rating, not all the media were so generous, and overall, the series held a rather mild oversupply. The biggest issue for Gunfire Games, and especially for publishers from THQ Nordic, was the success of remastered versions. They arrived, and so the third Apocalypse driver got green and the authors could release the fury of the sins of the devastated earth

The central motif of Darksiders III is Sins and betrayal linked together by a very bad script, which perhaps does not even make a proper bachelor film. Brother War is accused by the all-powerful Charred Council of releasing seven deadly sins on planet Earth, and the main heroine of Fury is tasked with capturing and returning the balance of the universe


The war between the Angels and the Demons is very undesirable, and the sins launched on Earth do not really benefit the whole situation. However, to be a central female figure with a lush little beast and a very lively personality, she will also bring some strange specter as an observer and helper

What happens next-story is not going to be unnecessary, because we think everyone should be disappointed in their own way. A lot of talk is not going anywhere, and after a few weeks, your memories of most of the characters, even the negative ones, will come out. It is a great shame because the seven deadly sins are shouting about the original rendition that has already served us several times in the entertainment industry, either in the cult drama Se7en or through the cult cult Full Metal Alchemist

From the game, we will remember for some time only the beetle-worked Lenost, who, like one of the few, is really not afraid to come out of the shell and try something original, sufficiently slim and nasty. Nevertheless, the story is really playing only the second violin and the main thing that the third Darksiders try to serve in full, is the duel system and the world strongly inducing the atmosphere of metroid games

Švih a prask!

As soon as Fury crashes on Earth, a survey of a completed city begins, where it tries to survive the remnants of humanity. Far more than humans, with only a few, there are many skeletons, beetles and monsters with angels and demons. The enemies can come across one, in a small group, but also enjoy hectic moments in battles with the seemingly endless number of opponents who roll on the player

However, the first steps are very familiarizing. The player will try the elegant razor blade, which will be honest throughout the game, and above all learn to dodge. What at some point seems like a purebred hack n ‘slash action during the blink of an eye can change the shape to a soul-like difficulty where it decides every millimeter. Fury is a member of a very exclusive group of supernatural characters, but unfortunately it does not last long, regardless of whether it fights with the inferior skeleton or the incarnation of some deadly sin

After a few initial enemies, the player will try everything in the first fight with the boss. Some clashes are richer on the game mechanics than others. Occasionally it’s just a pureblooded ruby ​​with well-timed breaks to the sides and up, but the very first duel tries to demonstrate to the player what the game can do. So while the boss is preparing for a devastating spell, Fury must get to him by jumping, jumping, jumping, and swinging on the whip

Title All Editions (19459006)

This part actually suits us quite well, especially against other, very straightforward battles in a confined environment that the game offers more than blessed. And so we get to the first problem of Darksiders III. This is an absurd rate of duel imbalance and gaming mechanics that will lock you up after a bad escape maneuver in a sequence of enemy attacks you will never miss

But it is very easy to miss the action and do not solve the other parts of the game. That’s exactly what the Fury and the whole game feel most certain about. When you are not playing the Souls game clone, it goes its own way and is closer to arcade playability. It fits much better into the overall concept and gameplay. We are not here in any dark, horror setting, but in colorful fantasy cutting. In addition, when you unlock the gradually unlocked Hollows, Fury has primarily just a whip available and you do not have to build some special game style depending on the equipment

What the damage to the duels is the poor work of the camera, which then has a huge loss in the lives of poor Fury. While the camera is aimed at one enemy, but when you are fighting someone who is more mobile, the camera automatically wakes up, you lose half of the opponents out of the field of view, and in addition to a few pointers that they are “somewhere in the way”, you know nothing.

Whenever Fury gets into small enclosed spaces, there are similar camera problems, and the worst is when you fight bosses, where you rely on enough view and space in evasive maneuvers. Occasionally playing with this camera is really hell on the ground

More Souls, Solferne

However, in order for Fury to succeed in all seven sins, she has to be trained. Leveling is solved here by the enemy souls that the main heroine automatically collects and exchanges with a good-hearted daemon for level up, a variety of buffs and healing crystals, or the material needed to improve the whip and the Hollows mentioned above. Once a player has given enough suits, he gets one talent point that can invest in health, whip attack, or Arcane damage

It comes into play when Fury fights the enemy successfully and makes a counterattack or uses one of its two special attacks for which it must first accumulate energy by continually massacring enemies

If the game can look like it’s so intuitive, it’s not that. Part of getting new Hollows is also a skill that needs to be skillfully combined to solve the various riddles that Fury faces in the way. And let’s admit that here Darksiders have taken a bit of our soul. It sometimes takes a moment for a person to orientate and come to solve one or the other puzzle. It’s all puzzles, but it’s very frustrating

Sometimes the player has only a fraction of a second to the correct sequence of moves, provided he comes first. We sat in front of the TV, we knew what the puzzle was all about, but there was simply no means. We understand that the game does not want to give players almost anything for free, but sometimes these puzzles in a purely action game take up too much time. A smaller amount of lightweight puzzles would also benefit the game in terms of total content delivery

This is how I get to the environment in which the game takes place. Definitely there are several memorable moments. First glance at the huge Tree of the Creators rooted in the ruined city. A museum that houses Lakota or a beautiful location where the game ends. Usually, there are only corridors, (hell) caves or not very attractive open spaces that lack souls and work generously

Nonlinear gameplay and overall world design are good ideas, but not when they merge into easily interchangeable spaces. While in the previous work it was an open world with dungeons, we could talk about a big dungeon and some accessories. He frowns at the fact that when exploring all of the darkened corners, the Fury does not find it together, even though for the first few hours, one person tends to go through every hole in the country. Without a proper reward, it will go very fast.

Additionally, the PS4 version sometimes suffered from some technical ailments, including the loss of frames, mostly after loading, and then mainly the problem of falling textures. When too many effects were gathered on the screen, for example, the mighty hairy mane of the main heroine began to blink, even without activated Storm Hollow

And the Fourth Rear …

We’ve had War, Death, now also Fury. Three of the four drivers have already become the main protagonists of the Darksiders series. Strife has a great chance of winning their own game, but it will now mainly depend on Darksiders III’s sales and acceptance

It is in many ways a very controversial game. Greater inclination to arcade playability would play the same way as camera repair and overall optimization, but perhaps the authors will solve in the closest patches. Since the two DLCs are already announced for the game, one can count on the fact that the THQs have big plans with the brand and are betting a lot on the Fury

In spite of the rather negative tone of the review, it is a passive game bin for fans of the series, which most of all coincide with bad camera work and copyright indecision. Darksiders is not trying to break some conceived concepts, but after a six-year break, he will return to the game scene, but this will be a tough struggle to survive at the same time

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