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t3n Pro is celebrating its first birthday with new features for the community. Starting next week, there will be a special piece of information and orientation every day exclusively for our pro members – the briefings are about to begin. Also new: the Meetup.

T3n Pro has been around for a year. The offer has continued to develop since then. Just in time for the birthday there are a number of new features, exclusively for pro members.

With the briefings from Monday to Saturday, the t3n editorial team wants to take a very special look at topics that change daily and offer our readers real orientation and additional added value. All of this with the special eye and also the own opinion of our experts.

  • Kathrin Stoll will devote herself to all aspects of coding once a week. Aspects such as data security and data protection will also play a role.
  • Andreas Weck starts with two topics. He is dedicated to the broad field of the world of work, of course with a special focus on the possibilities and developments in the field of modern work. He also takes a close look at the world of startups and gives his personal assessments on the relevant topics.
  • Sebastien Bonset is our man for the Web3 – a huge topic with ever growing importance. New finance and cryptocurrencies are an integral part of the subject area.
  • When it comes to gadgets and mobility, there is no getting around Andreas Flömer. It leads through the jungle of hype and really useful innovations.
  • Holger Schellkopf will take care of the marketing department and will deliver a sampler every weekend in which important topics of the past few days will be taken up.

The contributions can all be found on the website and only readable for pro-members – you can recognize them by the pro-label on t3n.de.

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The Meetups are also new for the pro community. As part of this format, we will not only talk to great experts four times a year about the current focus of the magazine, but also answer your questions about our editorial work and give you exclusive insights behind the scenes. The hosts are Sabrina Schadwinkel (managing editor for print) and editor-in-chief Holger Schellkopf.

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